PRIVATE LESSONS - Tuition and Fees 


 Private One on One Lessons:  Each class is 30 minutes. The Tuition breaks down for all private lessons is $35 per week, however, we bill every 1st and 2nd Semester.  (1st-Semester - August through January) (2nd-Semester - February through May)

Choice of 2 Payment Plans:

(1) Pay your tuition “In Full”  and receive a  5% discount


(2) You may pay in "3 Installments" Per Semester - no discount applies.

The authorization form can be completed for an automatic draft agreement.


Additional Fees and Information

Registration: $55 Per Semester

Books:  Range from $7 to $25

Computer Cable: $15 (used for optional piano assessment program)

We have open enrollment: Tuition is pro-rated accordingly.

128 Overhill Dr, Suite # 103, Mooresville, NC, 28117

(704) 799-0504

Mon-Friday* 10am - 7:30pm

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